Get to know us.

Something About Us

Since its inception in 2012, we at Plum Media Tank strive towards the unprecedented. A group of individuals aimed at personifying the very essence of Art and Design, the aim is to put brush to canvas rather than alter the existent. We don’t view creativity as a tool, rather are merely subjects to its grandeur and awe inspiring breadth. A small idea with aspirations to make its place in the vast skies, we are consistent, flexible, cost effective and determined to take every minor detail into account.

At Plum, the moto is simply Perfection. To this end, we work towards:

  1. Helping clients achieve business objectives through compelling and effective media campaigns.
  2. Creating and executing ideas in every medium from print and radio to television and social media.
    Given a chance our aim is simple; to build relationships rather than a clients base.

Let Them Know You’re The Best

Creative, friendly people dedicated to producing ideas that work hard for our clients.